Products I’ve Returned | March 2018


I live in the middle of nowhere and do most of my beauty/skincare shopping online. When I first moved, I was very shy and uncomfortable about returning used products, nut it’s hard to buy makeup and skincare without seeing it in person. As time has gone on, I have become completely shameless when it comes to returning products that I don’t like. In the past few months, I feel like I have come across a lot of misses on some really highly rated products. Maybe this post will save you from buying some duds. If you loved these products, let me know in the comments! Makeup and skincare is so personally and we all have different experiences with different products!

jouer lip topper skinny dipJouer Lip Topper in Skinny Dip & Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Champagne Dream c Bellini

I’m lumping these two glosses together because there wasn’t really anything wrong with them other than the fact that they have too much shimmer/glitter. In pictures and video both of these are beautiful with an extreme glossy shine. But in person, there was just too much glitter for me. The formulas were good, they weren’t sticky, and they didn’t migrate off the lips – if you like intense glitter, you might like these.

NYX Tapered Powder Brush

There’s not much to say about this brush- it’s thin and stiff and pokey. You can’t set your under eyes because it’s too big. You can’t put color on with it because it’s too thin and flimsy to blend well. About the only thing you could use it for is applying translucent powder using the belly of the brush, which I don’t want to do and I have better brushes to set my makeup with like the Real Techniques Powder Brush.

becca lip priming perfectorBecca Lip Priming Perfector

I really thought that this would be the ideal product for me. I have a fuzzy lip line and while most people would embrace the outer edge of their lip line and over line their lips. We all want what we don’t have and  I actually under line my lips. My lips are also very pigmented and it messes with lipstick colors, so I will carry my foundation over the edge of my lips or cover them entirely to solve these problems. Because this primer has a nude tint I thought this could work as a concealer/primer, but the texture is just all wrong. It’s a gel that never quite dries down, the color is patchy so lip products on top of the primer become patchy, and it’s not pigmented enough to cancel out my lip color or conceal my lip line.

Clarisonic Acne Heads

I have been using the Cashmere brush for years but I decided to change things up and try a new brush head. I like the Cashmere brush but I thought it was too gentle. I chose the acne brush heads because I do get clogged pores and deal with hormonal acne. The acne brush head is brutal on the skin. It is too coarse and stiff – just feels awful. It was actually painful to wash my face with the acne brush head (I would not describe my skin as sensitive). I know the vote it split on whether or not Clarisonics are beneficial- I love mine, but I will only use Cashmere or sensitive brush heads in the future.

coola bb cream organicCoola Rosilliance Organic B.B. Cream+ SPF 30 in Light Medium

I was looking for something new to replace my IT Cosmetics CC Cream (will I ever learn “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? … beauty addict problems). This BB cream does have SPF 50 and it actually is shade adjusting – light/medium did work for me (NC15), though it is terrifying because it is a greyish brown when it comes out of the bottle. This cream offers zero coverage, it doesn’t even out the skin tone, and doesn’t add a glow. The only thing it offers is the SPF, but I have SPFs I like and for far less (Heimish Artless Glow Base).

RMS Eye Polish in Magnetic

I love the living luminizer by RMS, so I wanted to try out a few other products by the brand, but this one was a disappointment. In the pot, it looks like a deep ashy purple, but on the eye it is a sheer wash of color. The shade doesn’t suit me well- it makes me look sallow and sick because it just looks like shadows around my eyes. Also, the formula is greasy so the color doesn’t last long, within hours it had all migrated to the crease of my eye.