Christophe Robin – Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender

This hair oil is the most nourishing product I have ever used. I have dry, color treated hair and a good hair oil is a must for me. This hair oil is silicone free and contains palm oil (I couldn’t find info how how it was sourced – if that is a deal breaker for you), linoleic acid, vitamin E, and olive oil. It’s a little hard to use because it is a semi-solid and can be tough to get out of the bottle – I just take mine into the shower with me and let the heat liquefy it a bit. I hae been using it for 3 months as an overnight mask or before/after styling and I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair – it feels and looks more moisturized, smoother, and all around healthier. This will probably be too heavy for someone with fine hair.

Smashbox – Camera Ready BB Water (fair)

Smashbox’s BB Water has been my everyday, go-to base! It has light coverage that evens out skin tone, lasts all day, melts seamlessly into the skin, and sets down completely without powder. This product really gives a “your skin but better look” and does not wear away throughout the day. My biggest complaint is that it takes close to a full dropper to do my entire face so I have been plowing through it.

e.l.f. – Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Lotion (rose)

This lotion is beautiful – it is a light pink,glitter free skin perfecter. I use the Glow Lotion as a primer under foundation or as a luminous base on a no-makeup day and it gives the skin an effortless, youthful, ethereal glow. This is the perfect thing to throw on if you don’t want to wear makeup, but your skin is looking a little dull or flat.

Kate Somerville – Anti Bac Clearing Lotion

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this product – nothing clears my skin like a good benzoyl peroxide and nothing slowly sucks the life out of my skin like benzoyl peroxide. The Kate Somerville’s Anti Bac clears all of the texture from my chin and forehead, but I walk a fine line between using it frequently enough to be effective without drying the hell out of my skin. It’s made it into my February favorites because I took a good 3 month break from it and reintroduced into my skincare this month and was reminded about effective it can be on some of the problem areas on my face.

That’s So Retrograde

I’ve casually listened to this podcast for awhile now, but recently I have been on a binge listing to the whole catalog, and re-listening to episode I have really loved! It is a wellness podcast that covers everything from numerology to foam rolling. It is hosted by two hilarious women – Elizabeth and Stephanie. They are very well informed and yet are still constantly surprised and learning in each episode. They ask the perfect questions and have hilarious banter with their guests – even the episodes with guests I’m not particularly interested in are still entertaining. I have linked to an episode with Rose Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty.

The Ordinary – Serum Foundation – Review

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a budget friendly light/medium coverage, dewy foundation with a skin-like finish.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a budget friendly light/medium coverage, dewy foundation with a skin-like finish.

I really enjoy this foundation – it’s a beautifully natural looking product. I think that you would like this foundation if enjoy cushion foundations or water based foundation like the Smashbox BB water. I like wearing this for short periods of time like to run errands because it is not long lasting (but fades evenly throughout the day).

This foundation has a crazy big array of shades – 21 total with cool, neutral, and warm undertones. I have mine in 1.2N and it matches me pretty well, The Ordinary states that every person will match two to three shades so it should be easy to find a shade that matches you. They also have two unique shades 1.0NS and 1.2 YG – a light foundation with silver highlights and a medium shade with golden highlights. I know there was a lot of chaos when the foundations were first release (I waited 3-4 weeks for mine). Now that the hype has calmed down, I haven’t read any more about issue of keeping up with demand.

I do plan on repurchasing this foundation and I will probably buy two shades – 1.0NS, pale shade with silver highlight and a foundation in my shade – I might try their coverage formula, but maybe I’ll just stick with the serum foundation because if it’s not broken, why fix it?