Best Amazon Beauty Dupes | Foreo, Slip, Dr Dennis Gross, Aquis


I am not opposed to spending some serious money on beauty products, but sometimes budget buys are just as good as the luxury items!


I love my Clarisonic, but sometimes it does seem a little unsanitary because most days it doesn’t dry out completely, but I could never spend another 100.00 a face brush. Enter – knockoff Foreo for only 20.00! The Ms. Dear Cleansing Brush is just a base model – it only has an on/off button – but it is well worth the money. This silicone is more hygienic than the Clarisonic – it dries out completely, can be washed in the dishwasher, and can be sanitized with alcohol. It holds a charge FOREVER – I use it everyday in the evening and charge it every 2/3 months. I 100% would recommend this to someone – granted, I have never used the real Foreo so I can’t really speak to how it compares.


Silk pillowcase are fantastic for your skin and hair – traditional pillowcases can tug on you skin and hair increasing signs of aging and damaging your hair. Changing to a silk pillowcase keeps my hair smoother, extends my style, and protects my hair from damage. Slip pillow cases sell for almost 100.00 but, the bottom line is that they are just “100% Pure Mulberry Silk (22 Momme).” There are several options on Amazon for a fraction of the price!

Dr Dennis Gross

Adding facial steaming into your routine hydrates the skin, helps clear pores, and can make your following products more effective! But, the Gross Pro Facial Steamer is 150.00!! I found one on Amazon for 35.00. I scoured Sephora and Dr Dennis Gross’s sites to try to find out what was unique about Gross’s steamer and literally the only thing the only info provided was that their steamer shuts off automatically after 9 minutes. I love facial steaming, but I truly feel like for 150.00 you’re just paying for the name. Side note: the steamer I bought on Amazon comes with extraction tools… I don’t use them.


Traditional towels have a lot of texture that can snag your hair and cause it to break,  microfiber hair towels can help prevent unnecessary damage to your hair and they decrease drying time. I actually have both the Aquis turban and the knockoff and they are 100% they are the same – the Aquis is a little more attractive color, but that’s not really important when Amazon’s is a quarter of the price.

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