Indie Cosmetics Spotlight #3 – Darling Girl Cosmetics – Review


For this series, I am spending about $25.00 – 30.00 on an indie cosmetics brand and exploring their products! I bought Darling Girl Cosmetics on their website and was able to buy one Balm Gloss 3D ($6.00), three petite loose shadows ($3.25), one petite blush ($3.25), one Lumos Shimmering Pearls ($8.75) and a free gift with purchase eye shadow (it looks like the shade changes weekly and there is no minimum purchase to receive it). Overall, I liked everything I bought. he website is well organized, it has great swatch pictures, they offer petite sizes of their loose products, and they have a points system to save money off of future orders.

Inner Glow Blush – Love’s True Kiss * Eye shadows – Ugly Naked Guy and U-taupe-ia * Highlights – Lumos Shimmering Pearls in Orion

Surprisingly, my favorite product was the Inner Glow Blush in Love’s True Kiss. Blush is my least favorite makeup product – it’s a necessary evil because contour and highlight would look ridiculous without it. I love LOVE this blush. It looks way too bright and glittery in the jar, but it gives me the best lit-from-within natural flush. The swatch reminds me of NARS Orgasm. I did not like Orgasm and I think the thing that sets Darling Girl’s blush apart is the fact that it melts seamlessly into the skin and has a healthy, beautiful sheen.


I really like the eye shadows too! I had never created a full look with loose shadows so I was nervous about how the looks were going to work out, but I had zero problems. I didn’t use a colored base and just primed with a concealer and set with a face powder. All of the shadows blended so easily and did not have a crazy amount of fall out. Even the shimmery shades worked really well without any extra TLC – but (obviously) using a glitter glue did amp them up. The only shadow that I would use a white or black base  is the purple pigment Afternoon Delight – it worked fine, but just was sheer. My favorite shadow was the gift with purchase shade U-Taupe-ia, it is just the perfect shade for a one shadow look.

Eye shadows – Ugly Naked Guy and U-taupe-ia
Eye shadows – Ugly Naked Guy, Positively Peach, and Afternoon Delight * Highlights – Lumos Shimmering Pearls in Orion

I also bought the Balm Gloss 3D in Goldfinger. It has a vanilla cake batter scent and is a clear gloss with gold glitter.  I’m not a hug fan of glosses, but I liked the formula of this one because it’s not sticky. It is very glittery, not shiny, so I just dab a bit on  the center of my lips and use my finger to blend it out.

The Lumos Shimmering Pearls were another major winner. It is a light weight cream highlighter that comes in a glass bottle with brush applicator. I thought it was going to be a bit scary because it is described as “peach with green sheen”, but it is a really natural nude highlighter and I couldn’t see a green reflect at all. The cream worked really well on top of foundations and layered well under a powder highlight.

Lumos Shimmering Pearls – Orion * Balm Gloss 3D – Goldfinger

I really loved my adventures with Darling Girl Cosmetics! It was a really great brand to experiment with loose shadows for the time and there are quite a few products I would absolutely recommended. I will buy the full size of the the Inner Glow Blush in Love’s First Kiss, I loved the Lumos Shimmering Pearls, and U-taupe-ia and Ugly Naked Guy are two basic eye shadows that anyone could use – though, at $3.25 per petite jar, I would try some of their more unique shadows!

Indie Cosmetics Spotlight #2 – Breaking Beauty – Review


For this series, I am spending about $25.00 – 30.00 on an indie cosmetics brand and exploring their products! I found Breaking Beauty on Etsy and ordered a matte quad in Natural Beauty ($18.00) and a single pressed mineral eye shadow in Ballerina ($6.50). I ordered from the shop on 9/17/2017, my order shipped 9/20/2017, and received the package 9/23/17 via USPS. I paid a flat shipping fee of $4.10. I have been trying out the shadows for the past week and have really liked the looks I’ve been able to create!

Breaking Beauty – Natural Beauty

The matte quad is a good selection of colors, you could get anything from a natural, soft look to a deep and mauve smokey eye. The shadows are dry, difficult to blend, and don’t have great pigmentation, but they are buildable. I found that it took quite a bit of work to get them completely blended in with each other. The first shade that I apply blend out really easily, but when I apply the second shade, it takes quite a bit of time to to blend the two colors together. Even though the shadows take a little extra effort, I really like the looks that I am able to get with the quad.

I love the single shadow Ballerina – it’s a metallic pink/gold like Makeup Geek’s Cosmopolitan  or MAC’s Expensive Pink. It is a beautiful, smooth, pigmented golden pink. It didn’t have any fall out, and lasted all day without fading.

Breaking Beauty – Natural Beauty, Ballerina

I don’t know that I would buy matte shades again from Breaking Beauty (just because there are other matte shadows that are easier to work with), but I will keep using the quad I have. I would definitely recommend their pressed mineral eyeshadows! The shop also has lip products and really unique pressed mineral highlighters – I’m thinking that I might have to try these because I liked Ballerina so much!

Indie Cosmetics Spotlight – Feather River Body – Review


I found Feather River Body on their website, but they also have a  Etsy too. For this series, I am spending about $25.00 – 30.00 on a brand and exploring their products. I bought 5 eye shadows from Feather River Body – three matte shadows for $5.00 a piece (Token, Ivy League, and Peanut Butter) and two pressed pigments for $6.00 a piece (Apricot and Fierce). They do offer blushes, highlighters, glitters, lip creams, and cream shadows, but I wanted to be able to create a few looks so I decided to order a range of their shadows. My order was shipped 2 days after I placed it (I did order in the evening after business hours) and was shipped via USPS with a flat shipping rate of $4.00.  I thought it was pretty cool that they have detailed information on their ingredients sharing what the ingredients’ purposes are and where they come from. I googled the matte shadows and pressed pigments’ ingredient list and did not find any other brand with the identical formulas. The only critique that I have of the actual purchasing experience is that products are sorted alphabetically and I think it would be easier to browse if they were sorted by color family.

Feather River Body – Token, Peanut Butter, Ivy League, Apricot, Fierce

Firstly, their pressed pigments are BANANAS. They are extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I applied them with my finger (which is my preferred method for lid shades) and used them with and without a glitter glue. They lasted all day without creasing or fallout both with and without the glitter. They did have a little transfer from my lid to my crease, but that is completely expected for me because I have a fairly deep crease.

Feather River Body -Token , Peanut Butter, Fierce

The mattes are also very pigmented and moderately easy to work with. There is kick back in the pan and fallout when applying them, but I’m not bothered by that since I usually do my eyes before my complexion. The matte are blendable, but they can take a little work to get a really smooth transition. While they aren’t the easiest to work with, I think that can be a positive thing because they also don’t get muddied up easily.

Feather River Body – Token , Peanut Butter, Ivy League

All and all, I would defiantly buy from Feather River Body again – especially their pressed pigments. I am absolutely in love with Fierce – a vibrant Indigo – it’s such a bright and unique shadow that it makes me want to explore their other colors, and with their low price point, it makes it easy to be adventurous and try something new! I’m already thinking that I might have to add a Part Two of this review and explore their face products in another month or two!

Feather River Body – Token, Peanut Butter, Apricot