Silicone and Sulfate Free Hair Routine | Dry, Damaged, Over Processed


I bleached the living bajeezus out of my hair exactly one year ago this month and I have been trying ever since to bring my hair back to life. My hair was fried and textured, extremely dry (so was my scalp), and frizzy with most of the damage from the mid-shaft to the ends. I’ve blown through a lot of hair products looking for ones that will hydrate and smooth my hair and make it look healthy and silky instead of resembling a Barbie whose hair has been styled 300 times by a 6 year old.

I know time and frequent trims have really helped heal my hair, but I have finally pieced together a hair routine that is really perfect for my hair. If you have overworked hair, some of these products might be good for you too! (Also, not only is my hair over processed, it is naturally thick and coarse so I can go really hard on heavy hair products without them weighing my hair down – some of these might be too heavy for fine or thin hair).

Olaplex No 3 – This is one of the few products that I actually believe heals and repairs the hair. This treatment repairs the bonds in the hair that are damaged by coloring/bleaching/heat styling/etc.

Brigeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo – I have a dry, flakey scalp and this shampoo (in conjunction with Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment) really does help keep my scalp happier longer. The grit in it definitely does not exfoliate at all, it might of you have finer hair, but it cleans with stripping and soothes my scalp.

I’m not really loyal to any one conditioner, I just try to use one that is silicone free and I’m currently using Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, but I also like Klorane Nourishing Conditioner with Mango Butter and Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment.

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender – I put a smallĀ dollop of this in towel dried hair and let my hair air dry over night (sometimes I’ll wrap it in an Aquis Turban – a microfiber hair wrap that doesn’t snag or damage your hair ). In them morning, my hair is looking a bit greasy, but I then straighten my hair using that excess product as a heat protectant. After my hair is styled, the grease ball look is gone and it is clean and shiny.

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream – I love this for a style refresh between washes because it adds smoothness and shine without weighing it down or making the hair look greasy. I used to always use oils to tame my hair every morning, but I love that this adds smoothness and shine without ever making it look greasy.

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