Indie Cosmetics Spotlight – Feather River Body – Review


I found Feather River Body on their website, but they also have a  Etsy too. For this series, I am spending about $25.00 – 30.00 on a brand and exploring their products. I bought 5 eye shadows from Feather River Body – three matte shadows for $5.00 a piece (Token, Ivy League, and Peanut Butter) and two pressed pigments for $6.00 a piece (Apricot and Fierce). They do offer blushes, highlighters, glitters, lip creams, and cream shadows, but I wanted to be able to create a few looks so I decided to order a range of their shadows. My order was shipped 2 days after I placed it (I did order in the evening after business hours) and was shipped via USPS with a flat shipping rate of $4.00.  I thought it was pretty cool that they have detailed information on their ingredients sharing what the ingredients’ purposes are and where they come from. I googled the matte shadows and pressed pigments’ ingredient list and did not find any other brand with the identical formulas. The only critique that I have of the actual purchasing experience is that products are sorted alphabetically and I think it would be easier to browse if they were sorted by color family.

Feather River Body – Token, Peanut Butter, Ivy League, Apricot, Fierce

Firstly, their pressed pigments are BANANAS. They are extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I applied them with my finger (which is my preferred method for lid shades) and used them with and without a glitter glue. They lasted all day without creasing or fallout both with and without the glitter. They did have a little transfer from my lid to my crease, but that is completely expected for me because I have a fairly deep crease.

Feather River Body -Token , Peanut Butter, Fierce

The mattes are also very pigmented and moderately easy to work with. There is kick back in the pan and fallout when applying them, but I’m not bothered by that since I usually do my eyes before my complexion. The matte are blendable, but they can take a little work to get a really smooth transition. While they aren’t the easiest to work with, I think that can be a positive thing because they also don’t get muddied up easily.

Feather River Body – Token , Peanut Butter, Ivy League

All and all, I would defiantly buy from Feather River Body again – especially their pressed pigments. I am absolutely in love with Fierce – a vibrant Indigo – it’s such a bright and unique shadow that it makes me want to explore their other colors, and with their low price point, it makes it easy to be adventurous and try something new! I’m already thinking that I might have to add a Part Two of this review and explore their face products in another month or two!

Feather River Body – Token, Peanut Butter, Apricot

Author: Liz

skincare and makeup lover perpetual learner and grower hobby farmer and mother

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